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Swimming from a Canoe

Posted by Torin

When I was visiting my friend Andrew this summer we went swimming a lot. He likes to swim fully clothed and talked me into this new trend sport a while ago. Turns out it is actually jolly good fun and feels great.

Canoeing on the Lake

One day we decided to go back to the lake we used to swim in before. But this time we wanted to do a boat trip on the lake. Andrew has a friend who has a boat, but his friend was on vacation and told him that he can use it whenever he wants. So he suggested taking the boat to have some fun on, and of course in the lake.

"For sure", I said and felt my heart beating faster.

Our Swimming Clothes

"Take some spare clothes", he said with a big smile on his face. "All your clothes will get wet."

"We'll swim fully clothed?" I asked.

"Of course, that's what all the cool people do."

I wore a black tee-shirt, grey sweatshirt, white socks and black sneakers, and tracksuit pants as which were sagging a little bit, showing the waistband of my blue plaid boxer shorts.

It was late in the afternoon when we decided to go and it was not that hot outside anymore, so this was a good excuse to also wear my grey sweatshirt on top.

Andrew was dressed in blue jeans, a black pullover, and black canvas sneakers with white socks. This was his usual lightweight swimwear which he prefers for boating or splashing around, but he often adds hoodies or anoraks.

We put our spare clothes in a backpack together with two towels and a big plastic bag for the wet stuff. I was kind of excited. I could hardly wait to get wet again together with my best friend.

Off to the Lake

This time we took Andrew's car. While we were on our way to the lake I remembered the last time we went there and had so much fun swimming fully clothed. We drove the car closer to the lake and parked next to the cabin of Andrew's friend.

The canoe was strapped on a small pier that reached about 15 meters into the water. Andrew couldn't wait to test the water and waded in knee deep, soaking his jeans a bit. It was good for swimming so I put my oversized sweatshirt on.

We shoved our stuff into the boat and got on board. I sat down on the middle bench while Andrew took his seat on the rear bench and took the paddle.

He disconnected the canoe from the pier and started paddling. The canoe was a bit tipsy, we almost capsized. It did take just about five to ten minutes until we were almost in the middle of the lake. It was so quiet and peaceful there.

Time To Get Wet

Finally Andrew stopped and took the oars into the boat. There was no one else except us two guys on the lake and we really enjoyed this moment. I knew that the best part was just about to start and I felt even better.

Andrew smiled at me, got up and checked the pockets of his pants. I asked if he wanted to jump in right now with all his clothes on.

"Sure", he answered. "Don't you want to?"

"Of course I do!"

He suggested that we shouldn't jump in both at the same time because the boat would capsize if we did.

Andrew Jumps into the Water

I agreed, so he then climbed onto the bench and jumped into the water with a big splash. The water was really clear. I could see him under water. He seemed to be about two meters deep. After a few seconds he came back to the surface. His wet hair was sticking to his face and his clothes were floating in the water.

I asked him how the water was.

"Awesome!" he yelled and told me to jump in.

My Turn

"Shall I take my clothes off first?" I asked to tease him.

"No! Keep all your clothes on when you come into the water. It's a lot more fun!"

I checked my pockets, climbed on the middle bench of the boat, took a deep breath and did a cannon ball like Andrew did before.

It was just incredible. I enjoyed every moment of dipping into the water. I felt my clothes, which were actually pretty loose, being pressed against my body when I went in. I felt in the next moment how the water poured into them. It was quite intense.

When I was underwater, totally soaked and surrounded by fresh and very clear water, I still felt the water running into my shoes. It took some more seconds until they were completely filled.

Andrew meanwhile was swimming underwater towards me. He looked cool with his baggy clothes floating around his body. When he reached me we faced each other and got back to the surface.

"Do you like swimming in your clothes?" Andrew asked me with his boyish smile in his face.

"It's awesome", I answered, enjoying the feeling of the loose clothes floating around me. He started swimming. I followed him and we were swimming next to each other for about 50 meters.

Then we turned back and climbed into the boat. There we sat for a while, totally soaked with tons of water dripping out of our clothes. My clothes felt heavy now and were sticking to my body. What a great feeling.

"Wow", Andrew said pointing on the amount of water that was now in the boat, "a bit more of that and this boat is gonna sink, haha." Then he put his hoodie on.

We sat in the boat for a while and said nothing for at least two or three minutes. We just sat there and enjoyed the feeling of our soaked clothes and the silence around us.

After a while I wanted to go back into the water. I jumped in and Andrew joined me. We fooled around as we did the last time we went to this lake: Swimming, diving, jumping in the water.

Suddenly Andrew grabbed me and started something like wrestling with me. Just for fun of course. I tried to dunk him and he tried the same with me. I had to grab his wet jeans and hoody, they felt really cool.

Every time I climbed into the boat to jump back in again I felt my clothes being pretty heavy due to the amount of water in them. My jeans were sagging a little bit showing my wet boxer shorts. As I could see, it was the same with Andrew's jogging pants when he climbed out of the water. Our clothes looked shiny in the light of the sun that was about to set.

Finally, after splashing around for more than half an hour we climbed back into the boat to go back to the cabin. We hadn't changed into dry clothes yet and I enjoyed the feeling of sitting there with my wet clothes clinging to my body.

When we arrived at the pier our clothes were still totally wet (of course) but were not dripping any more. So we decided not to change. While we went back to the car the water sloshed out of our shoes, great feeling and interesting noise, haha.

We put out towels on the seats and drove home in our wet clothes. It was starting to get a little bit chilly now so Andrew turned the heating on. When we arrived at home we went into the shower together and finally changed into dry clothes.

What a great wet day the was. We then spend a relaxing evening talking about wet adventures and swimming in clothes, and ended up doing what smart guys do for fun.

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